Rehearsal day

Good morning everyone, after a short night we are now on our team site and are waiting for the rehearsals. Every team has 15 minutes to check up the drone and to test the presentation under real conditions.

By the way it is 25 °C, temperatures are still rising :-)

The presentation area

A pic of our presentation area at Dubai Internet City.
In the center background you can see stands, judging area and the booths for the teams.
In front of them there is the launchpad and speakers console framed by some huge LED-screens.

The drone is alive

First day, first experiences.
Schedule started at 10am and now we are at the preparation area. Acceptance of our package has been done and after some checks we can say: the drone is alive :)

Perfect terms in Dubai

Some annotations about the present situation in Dubai:
26 °C at noon with zero rainfalls
65 % humidity and 13 km/h wind the maximum

Which means: perfect terms for our litte helper!
And in one day, we have the finger on the pulse and you might see the first pictures.