Dresden, Germany


Let the drones clean for you!

In the century of the “Internet of Things” and “Smart Home”, it is time to automate also window cleaning. Our drones clean glass facades and roofs even at high altitudes. This technology is applicable to almost every window size and window shape and is constantly evolving.

The main features of this technology are:

  • Increased safety of the entire cleaning process
  • Cost-effective
  • Cleaning hard to reach windows
  • Automatable

If you want to help us to apply this technology to your needs, contact us via our product-quote write us a message and tell us about your circumstances.
In order to achieve our goals, we are also looking for business and development partners.
If you want to be part of our journey, please contact us in English or German.


First Window Cleaning Drones Video

This is the application video for “The UAE Drones for Good Award” from 2015. It shows a prototype drone for window cleaning and our vision of a complete autonomous swarm of intelligent Window Cleaning Drones.