Dresden, Germany

Month: February 2015

Eminent visitors

Dear audience, During the competition we got in contact with numerous high-ranking representatives from politics, business and research. The Window Cleaning Drones team with its Head of Project Marcus Fritzsche watched the finals together with one of the high-level German politicians in Dubai Vice Consul Wiebke Gaede. This underlines the importance of the competition. Now …

Impressions from the show

Have a look at 1:43 and the following seconds … quoting our demonstration remarks: “see how stable it is”

Last day – the finals

Dear readership, today we were present at the competition side, too. We not only watched the finals of all three categories, but we also wanted to take the boost from this outstanding competition with us! Every one of our team got in contact with a lot of valuable contacts, potential partners and of course with …

So close…

Semifinals are over – and sorry: we are out. The judges gave us a good rating of 66.5 % but some teams performed better. It was a very good show and thanks to all supporters. Now we are looking forward!

Third day – semifinals

Now it is on time! We are on stage in the second international group. Beginning from 14:35 local time. Maybe there is a broadcast on “Dubai TV” or not… we don´t know. The finalist announcement is scheduled for 15:55. Keep the fingers crossed… Greetings from mf, yb, bb and mg

Dubai Internet City

Some annotations about our present location. The competition is located at Dubai Internet City. It was founded in 1999 as a technology park and free economic zone 25 km south of the city center of Dubai. It is near to Dubai Media City, a similiar park with focus on media.

Second day – rehearsal

Hello an all sides, we are now back at the hotel and had to rest a bit. Today we performed the rehearsal and it went very well: The drone did its job at the window, the presentation looks really good on giant LED-screens and now all participants of our core team will have an active …

Rehearsal day

Good morning everyone, after a short night we are now on our team site and are waiting for the rehearsals. Every team has 15 minutes to check up the drone and to test the presentation under real conditions. By the way, it is 25 °C, temperatures are still rising 🙂

The presentation area

A pic of our presentation area at Dubai Internet City. In the center background you can see stands, judging area and the booths for the teams. In front of them there is the launchpad and speakers console framed by some huge LED-screens.

Greetings II

Greetings from mf and yb to all