Dresden, Germany


Let the robots clean for you!

Who we are

  • A company with many years of experience in the construction of specialized rotary vane and cleaning equipment

  • A team with core competencies in engineering, software development, mathematics, physics and chemistry

  • Visionaries, who are revolutionizing glass cleaning through technical progress

What we offer

  • Cleaning hard-to-reach glass facades as a service provider

  • Quick adaptation of our techniques to specific conditions of buildings

  • Expert advice in solving surface cleaning problems


  • Increased safety for window washing

  • Cleaning hard-to-reach facades

  • High cleaning quality through pure water technology


  • Fast Hot-Spot cleaning

  • Automation of monotonous handcraft

  • Cleaning hard-to-reach solar panels


  • Get in contact with hard-to-reach objects

  • Cost-effective

  • Drilling, Polishing, Sampling…

Productive System – 2019

at any height, cleaning performance 50-100m²/h, cleaning with pure water, supply of electricity and water from the ground station.

Home Edition – 2017

Our vision of window cleaning at home.

Application Video – 2015

This is the application video for “The UAE Drones for Good Award” from 2015.
It shows a prototype drone for window cleaning and our vision of a complete autonomous swarm of intelligent Window Cleaning Drones.

Contact us

We are looking for buildings where rope-access, facade-lifts and lifting-platforms have difficulties.

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