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Let the robots clean for you!



Exploring new ways

Nowadays human beings all over the world are affected by technical improvements, digitalization and automation. Variable future trends enter all areas of life.

Drone technology and robotic might also do this in a good and valuable way. So why don’t we automate processes that everyone is dealing with in daily work routine by the use of drones?

Washing windows, cleaning facades, roofs and solar panels is often characterized by hard manual labour and requires specific tools and personal protect equipment, especially at high-rise buildings like skyscrapers. Making this easier and more efficient is our aim. 

Join us into the future

Since 2012 we build customized drones and robots for your cleaning-job. We are developing drones and robots that can reach areas that are difficult to access. Our tools can connect to different kinds of surfaces as well. This technology has the advantage to be adaptable to individual conditions and use cases. The years of research and development enable us to acquire a substantiated knowledge and good expertise in drones and cleaning techniques.


• Increased safety for window washing
• Cleaning hard-to-reach facades
• Impressive Show


• Fast Hot-Spot cleaning
• Automation of monotonous handcraft
• Cleaning hard-to-reach solar panels


• Get in contact with hard-to-reach objects
• Cost-effective
• Drilling, Polishing, Sampling…

This is the application video for “The UAE Drones for Good Award” from 2015. It shows a prototype drone for window cleaning and our vision of a complete autonomous swarm of intelligent Window Cleaning Drones.

Contact us

If you want to help us to apply this technology to your needs, contact us via our contact form, write us a message and tell us about your circumstances. In order to achieve our goals, we are also looking for business and development partners.
If you want to be part of our journey, please contact us in English or German.